It makes sense if you think like a crazy person


I’ll bet that I lose at least 15 followers within the first week of preseason hockey. 

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I went to type Brendan Smith and sometimes the m key on my keyboard doesn’t work so it came out as “Brendan Sith”.


Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies.

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Always reblog.

they sure as hell do 

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Concepts my mother fails to grasp: I get shit done a lot faster if I don’t have to answer my phone every two minutes.

and she wonders why I drinkand why I'm moving halfway across the country
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Parks and Recreation: hockey players!

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My mother is of the opinion that if I get pregnant, my husband or boyfriend should have a say in whether or not I have a c-section.

Ummmm, no. He can have an opinion and voice his opinion, but that’s it.

"It’s his child," she says. Yeah, it’s also my child. And it’s occupying my body. I think that gives me an edge in the decision making.

shit my mom says
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